Writing templates for beginners

Personal narratives are a great way to introduce early English learners to the writing process. Although you can customize this lesson to fit other units, this post is for beginners.

To begin, create a writing journal. This can track progress. Any store brand will do, but we like to do as much DIY in our house as we can!

  • Then, have them complete the pre-made templates ( Writing template_beginner) with their own ideas based on the topic sentences. You can take this time to review, or introduce paragraph structure depending on where you are in your lesson.
  • Once they have completed as many as you both feel confident with, you’re ready to move on to have them complete the template for themselves.
  • You can take this as opportunity to use your “transitions” sheet ( Transitional Phrases_list ) as review or introduction. once again it will vary on where your learner is. (a bonus activity can be done by categorizing the transitions as; primary, secondary, or final.

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